Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa taken to hospital

Taken to hospital after sustaining head and neck injuries on Thursday against the Cincinnati Bengals

Tagovailoa stayed on the ground for a few minutes

while trainers attended to him before a stretcher was brought out to take him off the field

Dolphins players gathered around as Tagovailoa was rolled off the field

He was then taken by ambulance to the  University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The injury to Tagovailoa comes just removed from four days him temporarily

The 24-year-old Tagovailoa, the 2020 NFL Draft's fifth-overall pick, is in his third season with Miami

The play of Tagovailoa, who won a national championship at Alabama, has been key for the 3-0 Dolphins

He came into the game second in the NFL with 925 passing yards