Grimes shares rare photo of her 2nd child  with Elon Musk

The two welcomed a baby girl via surrogate in December 2021

My daughter is dancing to techno over this copy of  the birth of tragedy by nietzsche —what a queen,” Grimes captioned  her photo

The 34-year-old musician  posted a photo of her baby girl, Exa Dark  Sideræl  Musk, also known as “Y,” on Twitter.

In the pic, Y is seen wearing a black onesie with a pink headband. She’s crawling on the floor with her hand on top of a book.

Grimes and the SpaceX founder are also parents to a 2 year old son named X Æ A-12,  who mthey  call X

The singer, who shares her baby girl with Tesla founder Elon Musk, turned to her Twitter to reveal the little one's favourite song.

Grimes first talked about the birth of her baby girl in March 2022 Speaking to  Vanity Fair

Grimes Reveals Rare Photo of Her and Elon Musk’s Baby Girl Exa Dark Sideræl Musk

Grimes and Elon musk