Nrega Odisha 2022-23 । MGNREGA Job Card

You can get here all the information related to NREGA Odisha, like how to see Odisha Nrega Job Card List online? What are the documents required for NREGA job card, what is the eligibility and from where and how can you get the job card? All its information will be found here.

Under the NREGA scheme, 100 days of employment guarantee is provided in a year. Under the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act, job cards are provided to economically weaker poor families. If you want to check job card status then you can check through online portal. Those people who have got NREGA Job Card made can check NREGA Job Card by visiting the official website of

NREGA scheme is one of the major schemes of the government. Under the NREGA scheme, employment is provided to poor families in their gram panchayat. Job cards are issued under the Gram Panchayat MGNREGA scheme.

MGNREGA job card is the 1 card given under the Mahatma Gandhi National Employment Guarantee Act (MNREGA), due to which the beneficiaries of MGNREGA are identified. To take advantage of MNREGA scheme or to get work under MNREGA scheme, it is very important to have NREGA job card.

How to Apply NREGA Odisha Job Card ?

  1. To get Odisha NREGA job card, get NREGA application form from your Gram Panchayat.
  2. You can download this form by clicking on the link given below.
  3. Click here for Hindi Form : Nrega Application form hindi
  4. Now in this application form, enter the date, name of your district, block and gram panchayat, name of the applicant, address and information of all the family members.
  5. After filling all the information in the form, put the applicant’s signature or thumb impression.
  6. Attach all the required documents with the form.
  7. Now submit this form to your Gram Panchayat office or Block office.
  8. Here your application will be checked. After this you will get the job card in 30 days.

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How to check NREGA Odisha job card list online ?

To check the Odisha NREGA Job Card List, first of all open the web portal

After this select the option with Generate Reports

Select your Odisha state name here

After this select the name of the district, block and panchayat and click on Proceed

Now click on the Job card / Employment Register in the R1 section

By clicking here, NREGA job card list will open in front of you.

Now you can check your job card by clicking on Job Card Number in this list.

Required document list for making Odisha job card ?

For Odisha Nrega Job Card, you have to submit some documents along with the application form which is like this.

  1. passport size photo
  2. Aadhar card
  3. copy of ration card
  4. copy of bank passbook
  5. Voter ID Card
  6. Address proof

What is the eligibility for Odisha NREGA?

  • Candidate must be a permanent resident of Orissa.
  • Applicant’s age should be 18 years or above.
  • Applicant should be skilled and willing labor to do the job.
  • The person should have a ration card.
FAQs, NREGA Odisha

Where to see the information about the works done under NREGA?

The information about the work done under the NREGA scheme is known only in the muster roll by visiting the official website of NREGA. Muster ROLL records both the work done and its attendance.

What information can be checked in Gram Panchayat Job Card?

Friends, job card holders can see all the information in their NREGA job card like their job card number, their name, their father’s name, their gram panchayat name, district, gram sabha name, category age, their photo.

How to View Odisha Job Card?

To check the job card, one has to go to the official website of the Ministry of Rural Development, After that select your state. Then select your district, block and gram panchayat. After this the NREGA job card list of the Gram Panchayat selected by you will open. Friends, by following the steps mentioned in this article, you can easily see the NREGA Job Card List.

Who appoints mate in NREGA scheme?

If you are also ready to become a NREGA Mate or Supervisor, then you have to go to your Gram Panchayat. There you will have to take the form of a mate from the head of the Gram Sevak or Panchayat Samiti, after that, after filling that form and putting all your documents, you will have to submit it to your Gram Panchayat or Panchayat Samiti itself.

What is the work done in NREGA Odisha?

What are the works done under NREGA? Works to be done under NREGA:

land leveling work

Plantation under NREGA

horticulture construction

Skilled and unskilled labor in housing construction

Pokhara, pond digging work for water conservation

What information can be seen in the NREGA app?

You can see your name in NREGA app, job card list, job card number, district name, panchayat name / candidate name / category MNREGA payment etc. information in this app.

What are the rules of Gram Panchayat MNREGA?

Workers working under MNREGA can be provided 100 days of employment or more work within an area of ​​5 km from their place of residence. The objective of NREGA scheme is to provide employment to all the poor people of the country, so that they can improve their economic condition and fulfill their needs.

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