Dhani Super Saver Card Kaise Banaye । How to make Dhani Super Saver Card

Dhani Super Saver Card : Friends, nowadays there will be no such person who does not need money suddenly. Such a time definitely comes in the life of every person. When he needs money beyond limits. To meet these needs, he takes money from relatives and friends. But still that much money is not available.

At such a time, he does not understand what to do. Now you don’t need to worry. Because we will tell you about such a credit card from where you can use this card as many times as you need money. Apart from this, you will also get 5% commission from here.

In today’s article, we will make you a Dhani Super Saver Card, how to apply online, Benefits Of Dhani Super Saver Card, Eligibility Of Dhani Super Saver Card, Interest Rates Of Dhani Super Saver Card, How To Apply Online.

Will tell about To Apply Dhani Super Saver Card. How to apply for the card. And how much interest will have to be paid in this. Read this article till the end to get information about all these.

What is Dhani Super Saver Card

Dhani card is just like a debit card. But this is Rupay Card. Dhani App which started on 16 January 2017. The Dhani Super Saver Card is a card that lets you spend money whenever you want.

You will get 5% basic cashback whenever you spend money with this card. It is just like a credit card. Which we use to fulfill our needs. Through this you can also get medical facilities free of cost for 24 hours.

If you buy medicines from this, you will get a discount of 40% to 60%. You can use the Dhani Card to meet your daily needs. Like shopping, (online and offline), buying goods from the market, filling petrol and diesel. That means you can fill the bill of anything. You can even book mobile phone recharge and hotels.

Benefits of getting Dhani Super Saver Card

  • You will get 5% cashback on every transaction on any type of transaction with Dhani Card.
  • You will get Rs.1250 cashback every month on this card.
  • If you also get insurance done through this card, then you will also get insurance of Rs 2 lakh.
  • You can turn this card on and off from your mobile phone itself.
  • You can do online or offline shopping anywhere with the help of this card.
  • Along with this card you also get health services for free.
  • If your record is good, then the limit for spending money on your card can also increase.

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How to activate Dhani Super Saver Card

You have to order Dhani Super Saver Car first and whenever this card comes to your home by post at your address. If you get the card physically, then you have to come to the Dhani app with this card and in the Dhani Super Saver card, come to the wallet and then verify and activate this card.

How to make Dhani Super Saver Card

  1. To get Dhani Super Saver Card, you have to Download Dhani application from Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. After downloading, you have to set your profile in it. It has easy steps like choosing the language.
  3. After that one has to register by entering the phone number. Remember that your phone number should be linked with Aadhaar card.
  4. Now you have to click on Dhani Super Saver Card on the home page of the app itself.
  5. After this you have to complete some steps to complete your KYC.
  6. Now you have to take a plan for Dhani card, which plan do you want to take.
  7. After taking the plan, your card will be made.
  8. Now you can order and get this card. Or you can use it only with the tax given in the application.
  9. Your Dhani Super Saver Card arrives at your doorstep in 7 to 15 working days.

How to get Unlimited Cashback from Dhani Super Saver Card

How to get unlimited cashback from Dhani Super Saver Card: For which you have to use your card as much as possible, use means use. Now let me tell you that you get 5% cashback on every transaction only after using the Dhani Super Saver Card. So you have to use this card to get maximum cashback. We tell you below where we will use it.

Dhani Super Saver Card Interest Rate

The interest rate charged on the Dhani Super Saver Card is 0%. Friends, there is no interest in Super Saver Card, but you get it absolutely interest free for three months and after that if you pay late fee,

then you have to pay penalty charges for that. Okay, so if you had any question regarding the Dhani Super Saver Card, how much interest does it charge, it is absolutely zero percent.

But only for 3 months you get a chance to repay and it gives you maximum credit limit up to 500000. Which you can take but to take this also you have to top up from ₹ 125 to ₹ 1000.

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